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Stormy Skies
A flyer for Storm Breakers, which is a conference designed to help others overcome depression Biblically

The Storm Breakers conference, based on the principals in the namesake book, is designed to present the most powerful, effective and healing-infused tool available to those struggling with depression: God's Word.


Storm Breakers will help equip attendees to:

  • De-stigmatize, De-normalize and Re-neutralize the Effects of Depression.

  • Equip Sufferers and Servants in The Storm of Depression.

  • Instill Hope, Promote Joy, and Provoke Faith in Jesus Christ.

If your church or ministry is interested in learning how to Silence the Storm of Depression, schedule today!

According to the World Health Organization, Depression is a constant reality for as many as 280 million people around the globe; it is often debilitating and manifests itself both mentally and physically. The shame and stigma associated with depression causes a great deal of people, including those not suffering from it, to ignore or deny its effects.


Storm Breakers intends to take depression out of it's shadow and bring it into the light of Christ, where it can be examined, and ultimately, uprooted.

For those who have seen, endured or are currently experiencing the war within, here are a few fundamental thoughts to remember:

Depression is not a life sentence. 

It may seem bleak right now. But it is always darkest just before the dawn. Things will get better. 

Depression does not define value and worth

in Christ. 

No matter what the mind is saying, Jesus thought enough of you to lay down His life on the cross. If God says you ARE worth it, then that must end the argument.     

There is always hope. There is always help.

There is a better way. 

Jesus did not die on the cross simply for sins to be washed away. By His stripes, it says in Isaiah 53:5, we ARE healed. We have access to this promise when we align ourselves with the Word of God.​

If you are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please reach out to your pastor, a qualified counselor, or call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at:

988 (24 hours a day)

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