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Musings of a Minister: A Counseling Blog


My name is D.M. Samms. I'm a Biblical Counselor specializing in helping others overcome depression. I've been born again since 2004, evangelizing streets all over California, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all that would hear.

Because my own personal testimony had been a lifetime succumbed to depression, I understand the peaks and valleys, the victories and vicious cycles. After a particularly hard 5 year episode, God began to reveal to me the principals He laid out in the Bible to overcome depression. And I am honored to say that God has set me free from what the Bible calls a Spirit of Heaviness!

From that freedom came a necessity to fulfill a lifelong dream of helping others overcome their mental struggles through Biblical means. And that is what Storm Breakers Effective Biblical Counseling is founded on.

Through this blog, I'll be sharing monthly messages focused on pertinent counseling topics and give basic principles on how to work through common mental health difficulties. It's important to note that the principles contained are powerful, but may not specifically meet your needs. In other words, sitting down with a Pastor or Biblical Counselor to get counsel tailored to your situation will be the more effective tool in overcoming your struggle.

None the less, I hope you can find both hope and spiritual strength in the principles and tactics in these blogs. I'll be monitoring the comments section, so feel free to say hello!


- D.M.

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